152 What Has Happened

December 13, 2016 § 3 Comments

       Kirk Sale has written  an op-ed piece in the Charleston Courier-Journal for Monday December 12(available online) about the revolution Donald Trump has begun, intended to overthrow the liberal world established in 1945 to combat Communism, entrench Keynsian economics and monetary policy, and “democratic” politics. Almost everything you can think of where you might think of as an instrument of government of with positive results, from to Social Security to NATO to the National Parks to minimum wage could be dismantled–infrastructure tends to mean the likes of Mount Rushmore or Hoover Dam or London Bridge, or the wall to keep Mexicans out.

       My sense about my brother is not that Trump is to be trusted but that the necessary dismantling of federal power could not be done at all without there being something scary about it, especially for Democrats who have become comfortable with massively large governments, and Beltway Republicans.  Given the size of Clinton’s popular plurality, it may be no later than 2018–unless gerrymandering has taken its toll–that many who voted for Trump go looking for others when they find out what they’re in for.














§ 3 Responses to 152 What Has Happened

  • Back in July, I predicted that if Trump were to be elected, he would be impeached in two years. I guess I’ll stick with that.

  • Laura Thorne says:

    Well, I hope even now that the process has started. But how, in a Republican Congress, that will be made to happen?

    I’m still unable to settle on how we got here, and who are the we that are here.

  • Denis Clifford says:

    Roger, Interesting to read you grappling with how/why Trump won. Everyone I know is grappling with that question, and with how to respond. And most all those everyones hardly know anyone who voted for Trump. There seem to be two distinctly different USAs. I, for one, am suspicious and wary of the Trump USA, but I don’t know how to investigate deeper who they are.

    Trump and his administration, plus a Republican congress, will be horrendous. For now, we can merely wait to see how horrendous, and hope that somehow effective means to protest will emerge. And meanwhile try to understand how to live wisely through gloomy times.


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