Books I’ll Never Read D

October 30, 2016 § 4 Comments


THE FOLLOWING LED FOR MOST VOTES: MARQUEZ: 100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE, PROUST, REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST, Tolstoy, WAR AND PEACE. JOYCE, ULYSSES.   The following got only one vote but most likely were most  started the least finished:  THE BIBLE, SHAKESPEARE.

These were listed only by author:  Pynchon, Derrida, (read some but no more): LeGUIN, Lessing, Camus, Heinlein. Started but never finished: MOBY-DICK.  TITLES: Lewis,Arrowsmith, Paton, Cry, the Beloved Country; Galasso, Ka, Bolasso, The Savage Detectives, Mitchell, Cloud Atlas, Murusaki, The Tale of Genji” Johnson, Irene; James, The Golden Bowl: Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment  Dante, Inferno.

Thanks to those who pitched in.     Roger






§ 4 Responses to Books I’ll Never Read D

  • Denis Clifford says:

    That was fun, Roger.


  • sdenney2000 says:

    That WAS fun! As I read others’ responses, I realized that still on my “need to read” list is 100 Years of Solitude and Ulyssis (msp). Also, as I thumbed through earlier assignments hoping to find my way to #148d, I found your essay on Wm. James and remembered my intention to get a copy. Now I’ve got that on order!

  • Frances McConnel says:

    Too late for the game, but ORLANDO FURIOSA, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, TC Boyle, Will Self, the last 6 volumes of REMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST, more than the first half of the first volume of Leo Lemay’s BENJAMEN FRANKLIN. Sorry, dear Leo, and that you left us without finishing all seven.

  • Ruth Porter says:

    Dear Roger, I would love to see you do another series of everone’s favorites—the books they read over and over. I’m always looking for something that’s good enough to read more than once.

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